How It Works

How the dirt builds up

When you use a Washing Machine, water mixes with the detergent. The detergent extracts the dirt from the clothes. During the cycle of a Washing Machine, it will drain periodically. Some of the dirt someone to write my research paper is drained out, however most of the dirt sticks to the side of the drum. This is caused by the centrifugal force on the spin cycle.
Once the cycle is finished. The dirt becomes a hard crust like substance, stuck between the two drums. The dirt sits there until the next wash. When the dirt becomes wet, it then gets washed back into the drum, causing the user to wash their clothes in dirty water.

How Gamma Kleen works

During the cycle of the Washing Machine, the water flows from the Inlet Valve, to the drum, then to the pump via a small pipe, then out the drainage hose. Wherever the water flows, the dirt also goes. Most of the dirt gets stuck on the inside surface on the inside of the machine. Gamma Kleen Washing Machine cleaner mixes with the water and cleanes out all areas where the water flows.

Smelly Odour

For Smelly drums, place 4 scoops of Gamma Kleen Washing Machine Cleaner inside the drum overnight. Let it sit and Start from Step 2 in the instructions.
  • Step 1

    Open the door/lid of washer & put the required number of scoops inside the drum.
  • Step 2

    Close the door/lid then fill with HOT water and do a normal cycle with no clothes inside the washer.
  • Step 3

    Washing machines that have not been cleaned for some time should do STEP 1 & 2 at least 3 consecutive times, then repeat the process 1 week after. (Washers that have never been cleaned & had heavy use may need to repeat STEP 1 & 2 more often.)

Front Load Washer

8kg machine use 3 scoops.
8kg machine or higher use 4 scoops.

Top Load Washer

8kg machine use 4 scoops.
8kg machine or higher use 5 scoops.